New Orleans Airport Parking

At New Orleans Airport there are various parking lots depending of how long passengers need to park their car at the facilities.



Short Term Parking

It has 3,000 parking spaces and is the best option to park just a few hours.

Clearance - 6'8"



- First hour - $2

- Each additional hour (or part thereof) - $2

- Maximum per day - $19.00



Long Term Parking

It has 2,500 parking spaces and it is the best option to park during a few days.

If Long Term Parking is full, drivers can park in the Credit Card Lot for $11 per day.

Clearance: 7' 4" (except 1st floor at 11')



- First hour - $2

- Each additional hour (or part thereof) - $2

- Maximum per day - $16.00




Credit Parking Lot

This parking lot consists of 800 parking lots.


It is located next to the Rental Car Facility. Shuttle bus is not available.


Clearance: 14'


Rates: One day (24 hours) - $11.00




Cell Phone Lot

It is the area to pick up or drop off passengers. The Cell Phone lot is located at the conrner of Airline Drive and Hollandey Street. It is allowed to park up to one hour and vehicles must be attended all the time.


The parking lots don’t use ticketing system to know how long or how much drivers must to afford to park at the facilities.


Passengers just need to insert a credit card into the machine when entering in the garages and the licence plate is going to be registered automatically.


When travellers need to leave the garages, just need to insert the same credit card at the XPress Pay lanes. A receipt is going to be printed.


Payments in the cashier are accepted as well.


*Prices are subject to change.